About the Singers

SMILE (Singing Music In the Language of English) is an English-speaking choir which creates an opportunity for foreign nationals to have the chance to give something to their local society without speaking German. Based in the city of Munich, the SMILE Project has been singing from our hearts since the autumn of 2011 with wonderful success. This choir sings for the benefit of groups who are unable to venture out of their environment to find joy; such as: children in hospitals, or people in elderly centers and sheltered centers in the greater Munich area.

The SMILE repertoire is upbeat, inspiring and happy in content. Songs are primarily in English, recognizable to most listeners and reflect the range of skills for this amateur choir. SMILE brings joy to those for whom we sing, in other words: We bring to our audience a SMILE!

If you don’t sing, but still want to get involved please read on the Volunteer Positions section for further information.

You can also find us on facebook.